Monday, July 7, 2008

ah youth.

yes, so in a fit of excitement, i tried to call my brother to tell him about the 52-year-old Japanese woman named Yoko who was gladiatoring on American Gladiator. (let's not ask why i was watching American Gladiator.) i was met with "emergency calls only ok" and brutal disappointment. my glee over a 52-year-old Asian badass was squashed by the realization that my phone has been "shut off" and a strange feeling one gets that is akin to the fright of someone taking away my birthday.

so now, i'm having flashbacks to two summers ago, when i was first out on my own. flatonmyassbroke 24/7, running up huge phone bills b/c i kept calling my best friends and talking for hours b/c i missed home, watching blind date into the wee hours of the morning, screaming fights with mario.

luckily, i've moved past most of this (i don't watch blind date anymore b/c i don't know where it's at, and even if i did, i probably don't get that channel). except for the phone bill thing... all i need now is to scrub my kitchen floor at 2am while crying hysterically and taking occasional rebellious smoke breaks on my porch.

man, cigarettes. you sound delish.

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